Physician Extenders ( PA-C ):
Brandy Dumas, PA- C

Physician Extenders include physician assistants and nurse practitioners. They carry out a wide range of services and work closely with physicians and nurses. Physician assistants will be a part of your breast care team here at VSA. They are qualified to perform some of the same functions as physicians including but not limited to: taking medical history, performing post-operative, yearly and routine breast checks, providing patient education, performing minor office procedures, assisting in surgery as well as ordering testing, imaging, and medications when appropriate.

Nursing Staff:

Dynese Wenthold, RN

We have a dedicated staff of nurses who are trained to triage and manage many of our patient’s concerns. The nurses are available to answer both pre-operative as well as post-operative questions. The nurses will assist with obtaining your pre-operative clearance prior to your surgery being scheduled. When needed, they are able to contact your provider directly to help facilitate your care.

Surgical Scheduling:


Our surgery schedulers will be coordinating your surgery date based on your preferences. The schedulers are experienced at finding a time that is convenient for the patient, physician, and hospital. Our schedulers will also coordinate surgery with your plastic surgeon, when applicable, once you have had a consultation.

Medical Assistant ( MA):

The medical assistant is the first clinical person you will most likely encounter during your visit. The MA has numerous responsibilities that include reviewing and documenting your history as well as taking and recording your vital signs. In addition, they are responsible for gathering all the information  the MD/PA may need to ensure your visit is comprehensive and efficient.

Appointment Coordinator & Liaison:

Dachia Hall
703-359-8640 Ext: 100111

Our office has many appointment schedulers for your convenience. The office also has an experienced appointment coordinator for our breast patients. The appointment coordinator will assist in urgent appointment scheduling. She has the ability to discuss scheduling needs directly with the provider when necessary. She also ensures there is collaboration across all departments, disciplines and providers as you move through your treatment.