Hepatobiliary Surgery, Pancreatic Surgery and Surgical Oncology

Meet our Specialty Trained Pancreatic Surgeons

Dr. Timothy R. Shaver, MD, FACS and Dr. George J. Younan, MD

Our Program Includes:

A multidisciplinary team dedicated to the diagnosis treatment and long-term management of surgical diseases of the liver, pancreas, bile ducts, stomach and soft tissue sarcomas of the abdomen. This includes preoperative evaluation, surgical treatment, postoperative management, and long-term follow-up where necessary in cooperation with other medical specialists dedicated to treating these diseases. For many of these diseases, surgery is the primary treatment modality and in many instances the only potential for cure. However, all of these diseases require a multidisciplinary team approach as chemotherapy and radiation therapy may also be important adjuncts to surgical treatment. As specialists, we work very closely with you to ensure each patient had a personalized plan in place for treatment for their disease.

Disease Specific Topics: