Surgical Oncology

The treatment of cancer has long been a fundamental component of general surgery. Over time, as management of malignant disease has come to involve a number of specialties working in a coordinated fashion, surgical oncology has evolved as the branch of general surgery focused on the interdisciplinary management of cancer. The goal of improved understanding of the biology of various tumors  and the different  options for treatment should lead to better patient outcomes.

While all surgeons at Virginia Surgery Associates are comfortable managing many types of cancer, several members have expertise in particular areas either through formal fellowship training or by dint of extensive personal experience. We are able to provide expert management of breast cancerscolorectal cancers, ​and endocrine disease,  as well as liver, gallbladder, and pancreatic cancers. We see patients with various stomach and small bowel tumors, and also those with malignant melanoma and soft tissue sarcomas.

Treatment of solid tumors is constantly evolving; at VSA we provide state of the art management of cancer in coordination with experts in medical oncology as well as radiation oncology and interventional oncology. We believe that careful communication with the patient, their family, and other involved physicians is critical to obtaining top quality results.